Fill Your Online Store With Your Own
Professional-Looking Product Photos

Snapshop is the easiest product photography solution for eCommerce websites.
Grab your iPhone and shoot your products on any background.


Fill Your Online Store With Your Own
Professional-Looking Product Photos

SnapShop is the easiest product photography
solution for eCommerce websites.
Grab your iPhone and shoot
your products on any background.

Product Photography simplified.

Put all your products on your eCommerce website
only by taking photos with your phone.

  • You Shoot with the app

    Snapshop makes it easy to align and shoot your products without having to care about the quality of the background.

  • We edit with Photoshop

    Snapshop removes the background, standardizes your images with a 10% perfect white margin and makes them all square.

  • It imports on your website

    Snapshop sends you a one-click import file to create all your products on Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and many other platforms.

No More Photoshop

Concentrate on shooting your products with your phone. Our team will remove the background for you.

No files management

Stop dealing with image files and file names. Every single picture file is uploaded seamlessly through the app.

Standard 10% Margin

Showcase your products by having 10% white margins all around. We also do custom margin sizes, if you need them.

Made for eCommerce

Import on all major eCommerce platforms: Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and many other platforms

Lightning Fast

Don’t wait. Your images and one-click import file will be delivered within 2 business days. Our record: 4 hours!

Square images

Get perfectly squared and centered images by default. Simply ask us, from within the app, if you need anything else.

SEO Image File Renaming

Be found in search engines by having your pictures file names renamed after your barcode, SKU or product name.

Barcode & SKU

Merge your products’ barcode or SKU to your products and pictures by simply photographing them with the app.

What you get


Don’t wait for others to shoot your products.
Do it yourself in 2 minutes.

Super Easy Process

Don’t worry. This will be your easiest photoshoot ever. Hands down.

Super Fast

Shoot all your products in no time. Some say its almost like cheating.

Perfect for eCommerce

Jumpstart your eCommerce using perfectly sized pictures with equal margins and same background.





Snapshop Screenshots

Easiest product photography solution for eCommerce websites

Snapshop users are
simply loving the App

  • Nathalie, myncbeauty.comI liked the service and will definitely use SnapShop in the near future!
  • Sifat, Themancompany.comUsed the app! It's great! 🙂
  • Annie,"Easy to use, much more convenient than having to organize a photo setup every time! Thank you!"
  • Melissa,"I had a wonderful experience with your app and great communication with the employees that edited my pictures.  The pictures were crisp, clean, and so much better than what I could have ever done to them! Thank you so much!"
  • Marie-Josée"Really great App! Thanks for everything."
  • France,"A huge thanks to you guys, more images will come when we'll receive our new products! Thanks for this super service!"
  • Brad,"Received first sample photos I took yesterday this morning and super impressed. Also I figured out the Ghost function without the tutorial….very cool!"
  • Angel, Stellacove
  • Chris, have completed the trial of 10 photos that you arranged, and I am pleased to advise that the trial was very successful. I don’t know much about photography, but the results are excellent! We will now commence using SnapShop for our Shopify site. Also, I was very happy with the service that Felix provided.
  • Ashley,"Thank you so much for the images…These are great! All of our images will be used on our website! You rock!"
  • Anna
  • Matt
    Matt,"Very nice!  We are impressed!  We will begin to gather additional images.  I think this will save us a lot of time and hassle."
  • Kate
    Kate, Cedar and Stone"Thank you! All paid, and great job with the etching! So glad I found this service, I loathe doing it myself :)"

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