You Shoot with the app

Snapshop makes it easy to align and shoot your products without having to care about the quality of the background.

We edit with Photoshop

Snapshop removes the background, standardizes your images with a 10% perfect white margin and makes them all square.

It imports on your website

Snapshop sends you a one-click import file to create all your products on Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and many other platforms.

Don't wait for others to shoot your products.

Do it yourself in 2 minutes.

Easy to Use


Wayyyyy Better than Using a DSLR Camera.

With DSLR Camera

Quality: Between 12MP to 24MP (2010 to 2017)

Image Size on a Computer Screen:

56 to 83 inches (who has a screen that large?)

Price: $1200+

  • You have to deal with thousands of DSC_0123.JPG files
  • Takes a long time to find an old picture
  • Complicated to setup
  • You have to spend time doing Photoshop to remove the background
  • You have to resize and reframe the images for your website
  • You have to create new product on your website, then search in your thousands of image files names DSC_123X.JPG
  • Image filenames not good for SEO

With SnapShop on a Phone

Quality: Between 8MP to 12MP (iPhone 5 to iPhone 7, Android is better)

Image Size on a Computer Screen:

48 to 55 inches (who has a screen that large?)

Price: You already have one!

  • You don’t have to deal with files
  • You received renamed image files, easy to search
  • No setup to do, fully automatic
  • Perfect white background all the time
  • Images are resized and reframed perfectly for your website
  • Instant product creation on your eCommerce website
  • Image filenames good for SEO

Can your camera do this?

Photo of balsamic vinegar taken by a mobile phone
Before & After
Photo of a russian doll taken by a mobile phone
Before & After
Photo of a bowl taken by a mobile phone
Before & After
Photo of shoes taken by a mobile phone
Before & After
Photo of a shirt taken by a mobile phone
Before & After
Photo of a toy car taken by a mobile phone
Before & After
Photo of a metal ring taken by a mobile phone
Before & After
Photo of a cushion taken by a mobile phone
Before & After

No More Photoshop

Concentrate on shooting your products with your phone. Our team will remove the background for you.

Square images

Get perfectly squared and centered images by default. Simply ask us, from within the app, if you need anything else.

Standard 10% Margin

Showcase your products by having 10% white margins all around. We also do custom margin sizes, if you need them.

Lightning Fast

Don’t wait. Your images and one-click import file will be delivered within 2 business days. Our record: 4 hours!

No files management

Stop dealing with image files and file names. Every single picture file is uploaded seamlessly through the app.

SEO Image File Renaming

Be found in search engines by having your pictures file names renamed after your barcode, SKU or product name.

Made for eCommerce

Import on all major eCommerce platforms: Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and many other platforms

Barcode & SKU

Merge your products’ barcode or SKU to your products and pictures by simply photographing them with the app.

iPhone or Android

Use Snapshop on any mobile phone. It works perfectly on iOS and Android.

What Other Successful Store Owners say

about SnapShop

"Thank you! All paid, and great job with the etching! So glad I found this service, I loathe doing it myself :)"

Cedar and Stone,

"Very nice!  We are impressed!  We will begin to gather additional images.  I think this will save us a lot of time and hassle.",

Yes but, Tell Me...

SnapShop works in 3 simple steps:
  1. For each product, you start by shooting your product code (barcodes/SKU) with the phone app. If you don’t have a product code, it’s fine. You then shoot as many photos of your product as you need. When you are done shooting, you can review your pictures and upload them to our server.
  2. Our team receives your photos. They edit and optimize them for your eCommerce website and match them to your product codes.
  3. Our team send you a customizable one-click importation file to create all your products on your website. It contains your edited photos linked to their product codes. You should copy your products’ names and description into the file before importing. Doing so will automatically rename your picture’s file to your product’s name (SEO optimized).
It means that we provide the only file you’ll need to import on your website all the products you have photographed with SnapShop.
We sure can do more modifications! You need to specify which before importing, by taping on "Send special requests" in the app.   We can do the following modifications for an extra $0.50 per modification per picture:
  • Custom cropping ratios
  • Drop shadows
  • Coloring and contrast
  • Image size/proportions
  • Different file format (ex. PNG)
  • Different DPIs
  • Different background color or transparent
  • Combining pictures (higher fee)
  • Transparent mannequin (higher fee)
Whether you are satisfied or not by your product importation process or products photos, there are many advantages to using SnapShop:  
  1. You can simplify your shootings by working with a lighter, simpler and cheaper setup built around your phone and SnapShop.
  2. The SnapShop app is the best camera to shoot products because of its eCommerce adapted features like the ‘Ghost overlay’ function that aligns your products perfectly.
  3. You don’t have to manage photo files and folders, ever again.
  4. No more photoshopping: you get perfect photos edited for your needs within 2 business days.
  5. We transcript the SKU/Barcodes that you shot with the app, match them with your products and put them standard as picture file name.
  6. You can rename your picture files for SEO afterwards just by copying your product’s name into the import file. You can also add your products descriptions into the file.
  7. With our one-click import file, you import all your products on your website altogether.
  8. It will most certainly save you a lot of time. It spares you from the tasks that suck: file management, Photoshop, SEO and preparing for creating products on your website.
  • SnapShop’s free camera app (iOS and Android)
  • Photo background removal (deep etching or uniform color)
  • Square reframing
  • 10% pure white (or selected color) margins
  • CSV file for one-click importation on your website
  • Dynamic image file renaming (barcode or name)
By default, we deliver a file with these attributes:
  • Square
  • JPG
  • With maximum possible resolution
  • 10% margin
  • White and transparent backgrounds
  • Basic enhancement of shadows, contrasts and brightness
Snapshop pricing is pretty simple, you can either pay as you go ($3 USD per picture) or subscribe to a monthly plan. By subscribing to a monthly plan, you will get a cheaper cost per picture. The smallest monthly plan will be $2.50/picture and if you want to get the best deal, the biggest plan will give you an amazing $1.79/picture! Check out our entire pricing list here :

Visit our FAQ page.


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