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Hi there, I’m David Gregoire, the founder of SnapShop, today I’m answering Mark’s question. How to find a good strategy for testing new products on eCommerce websites? Mark, it’s a very good idea to have strategy for adding new products, instead of just shopping for new products and putting them randomly on your website. What […]



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Hi there! My name is David Gregoire, the founder of Today I’m answering Stefano’s question about fraud on online sites. This is not utopia right now. The thing is that you will have fraud on your website. If you’re using Shopify, it’s a good thing to check the security level of the transaction when […]

Hi there, my name is David Gregoire, founder of SnapShop.Camera, today I’m answering a user’s question. The question: Phillip asks, “I have a lot of traffic “going to my site, through Facebook ads, “and I’m doing everything for conversion. “I have countdown timers. “I have a lot of things, but nobody converts”. Phillip, when you […]