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Hi there, this is David, founder of, and today, I’m going to do an eCommerce analysis of Melissa’s website:, I will go through 20-something points from her website.


eCommerce analysis: is there a pop-up?

So, normally, the first thing I check when I get on a e-commerce website is if there is any pop-up answer for visitors to enter their email address, and now there’s one, it says:

“Subscribe now and get 10% off! Plus be the first to know our exclusive offers, new arrivals, and more.”

It’s a really good thing to have a pop-up like that and to offer value to your clients. 10% off is very good.

What I would change for this pop-up is, instead of popping up after zero second of activity on the website, I would wait like three pages, or 12 seconds, so that at least the visitor doesn’t see an ad when he gets to your website.

Exit pop-up, I don’t see an exit pop-up. What is an exit pop-up?

When I bring my mouse close to the back button, you should pop-up, wait, don’t leave, here’s a rebate for your purchase.


Is there a Chat?

I see right now on your website that you have the Facebook messenger icon there, that I can click if I want to chat with your customer support.

I would suggest you to have that but maybe have a Zopim or something similar,  a live chat that you will be able to be proactive.

What I mean by proactive is for example: the visitor is on your website, and after, like, six or eight seconds, there’s this chat opening, asking a question to the customer.

It could be, like: can I help you with this thing? Do you need a new dress for the summer? or something like that.

And then I would say, from my personal experience, that something between 15 and 25% of the people are gonna chat with you right away, so it’s a very good thing to have.


Quality of the Pictures?

Well, they are not consistent from one to another. I mean, they’re all different.

Some are on the white background, some are on gray background, some are on a human model, some are close-ups.

If you can see there, the pictures are all really different.

eCommerce analysis

And what I would suggest you to do, you could try the app, a mobile app that will allow you to do easy product photography.

Trust me, it’s gonna take you less than a minute per product to have perfect pictures on perfect white backgrounds.



The prices, I see that your prices are like 21 and 95 cents Canadian. What would I suggest you to do is remove the dollar sign, remove the cents, and remove the CAD, why?

Because there’s a science around the pricing structure and the science says that if your price is longer, it’s gonna be perceived as a higher price by the people, by your customer, by the users, so I would suggest you to put like $22, or just like the 22 without the dollar sign, without nothing, so it looks shorter.

Also, I would suggest you to put less products in sale, because as I can see, it seems like all your products are on sale. The sale doesn’t has the same value. I think it’s diminishing the impact of the sale. Maybe you should try to put half or 25% of your products on sale and see if the conversion rate gets better.

Also, you could try subscription boxes, maybe you’ve tried that already. But it’s a great way to have recurring purchases.


Payment systems and cart page?

You accept both PayPal and the credit card, that’s a good thing to do that.

I’m on the cart page and I don’t see that you upsell any products to your clients, like if I want to buy a shirt, you could upsell me a pair of pants or something like that.


Abandoned Cart email Strategy?

In this direction also, you should be looking at abandoned cart emails. There’s a bunch of Shopify apps that can do that for you.

What is it? For example, I begin to shop on your website and I begin to put my credentials, my email address, my name, and things like that, and I drop your website for some reason.

I’m not ready to buy today or something.

Then you could send me an email in a few minutes or a few hours after, asking me to come back, giving me a rebate or something like that.

You could check, there’s a good store that does that very well, it’s called

This guy sends an email after a few hours asking if the price was good or why didn’t I make the purchase, and you know what, the last time I went on his website, I finally made the purchase, because I told him that the shipping was too expensive for me, so he made it free for me, so it worked very well.


Shipping fees?

Free shipping, so, right now I’m on your website, I don’t see anything that says free shipping or the shipping details, and if I go back to the cart, it says that shipping and taxes are calculated at checkout.

I will go in the checkout section. So before knowing how much it will cost me to buy this thing, I have to fill up all my information.

It’s a bad way, it’s a wrong way to do that.

You should have at least a free shipping option and put it on your website everywhere on every page, maybe in the header or footer and/or on the products pages.

And if you charge for shipping, please write it also so that people, when they shop, they know in advance how much it’s gonna cost.


Push notifications?

You could try something like

Push notifications, what are they?

It’s when people get on your website, they have small pop-up on the upper left corner of their browser asking if they want to receive notifications from you. And then every time you have new products to sell, you can push them to their browsers and they will have a pop-up linking to your site directly.

It’s a very good thing to have.


Reviews on product pages?

I’m on the Camilla shirt right now. The only description I have is, the simple elastic drop-shoulder blouse is accentuated with a bow in the back, comes in six colors.

There’s no review.

It doesn’t look like you have tried this shirt yourself. You should put reviews if you can, or if you don’t have enough users to have reviews, you should write your own review of the product so that people will have a relationship with you.

Product pages, URLs, it’s very good.


Blog and content

You have a lot of content.

I don’t see any blog. Blogs are a great way to have, like, loyal customers and also to get traffic from search engines and also, you could share this content to your Facebook page, it will help you a lot.



You know what, I think I’m gonna stop now because I’ve covered a lot of different subjects already in this eCommerce analysis.

Well, I think that you might be up to something. Work and do a little bit more edits to your website, and I’m pretty sure that you’re gonna have sales very soon.

Don’t forget the email marketing. You said you had a bunch of emails. Use them, send them a newsletter at least once a week.

Good stuff, and make good sales!

Thanks for reading my eCommerce analysis, and please visit to learn more about my fantastic app!

Have a great day!

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