eCommerce: How to Test New Products?

Hi there, I’m David Gregoire, the founder of SnapShop, today I’m answering Mark’s question.

How to find a good strategy for testing new products on eCommerce websites?

Mark, it’s a very good idea to have strategy for adding new products, instead of just shopping for new products and putting them randomly on your website.

What can you do to test them?

First, you need to know if your customers are interested in buying them.

Try to post them in:

  • Facebook groups
  • On your Facebook page, if you have one.

The key here is to monitor closely the results.

Once you’ve confirmed there is interest.

You can pre-sell your product on your Shopify web store with a special discount.

Make sure to tell your buyers that your product will be ship in a month or more. Transparency is the key. You don’t want to lose customers at this step…


Then, you can try different Facebook ads to drive traffic to that page. Maybe you could use Lookalikes audiences in Facebook based on the email adresses of your pre-order buyers.

You can create a simple video ad and/or a few different image ad, or text ad, and try to see if people want to buy this product via Facebook.


And if they do, then obviously you have a good product and you can make the purchase and make everything more official.

And if they don’t buy, then you know it’s not a good product for you.


Thank you very much, it was David Gregoire, SnapShop’s founder.

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