How to batch-resize photos on Photoshop or on your Mac

You want to resize your images quickly ?

So you’ve just downloaded your treated photos by SnapShop and you would like all of them to be exactly the same size… The problem you face is that there’s a lot of photos to resize and you don’t have time to resize them one by one (using Photoshop or another image processing software). Here are two ways to batch resize images quite quickly !

1st way : using the Terminal (only valid for MAC Users)

You have an excellent tool at your disposition, which is the Terminal. This app lets you use your Mac using a command prompt. You can use the Terminal to do a wide array of tasks on a batch of images without having to manually correct them one by one. The Terminal can be found in the Utilities folder in Applications. Here’s the logo of the Terminal app.

So open it and a small window with a white background will open on your desktop. It should look like this :

Let’s say… you downloaded your images on a white background (the “white” zip file) and you want all those photos (that are all square but of different sizes) to be exactly 1000×1000 pixels. Here’s how to do it step by step.

STEP 1 : Unzip the “” file so it becomes a folder in named “white” in your Downloads

STEP 2 : You’ll need to access this “white” folder using the Terminal. Since the “white” folder is in your Downloads, we’ll need to access the “Downloads” folder first. You can do so by entering the following command in the terminal : cd Downloads
*please note that the Terminal is case sensitive

Then, after entering the command, please press “enter” on your keyboard. You’ll then enter the folder through the Terminal.

STEP 3 : Entering the “white” folder, which is done the same way, by entering the following command (and clicking “Enter” on your keyboard afterwards) : cd white

We’re in ! So next, let’s use a sips command that will resize all the files in that folder.

STEP 4 : Copy/paste the following command into your Terminal :

sips –resampleWidth 1000 *.jpg

Then, when you click on “Enter”, you will see that the Terminal is working to resize all the photos in the folder :

When it is done working (it should be really fast), you’ll see this little rectangle at the end of your command line.


Your images are all now 1000 x 1000 pixels !!!

Special notes :
-If you want to resize png photos instead of jpg, please change the “jpg” extensions in the sips command for “png”, like this :
sips –resampleWidth 1000 *.png
-If, instead of 1000×1000, you want 1500×1500, you can change that in the command as well :
sips –resampleWidth 1500 *.jpg

2nd way : using Photoshop (valid for PC and MAC users)

STEP 1 : Unzip the “” file so it becomes a folder in named “white” in your Downloads

STEP 2 : Create a resizing action

Open one of the images in the folder with Photoshop

Then, you’ll need to go in the Actions panel on the right side of the Photoshop screen. If that panel is not visible for you, just go to Windows > Actions to make it appear.

At the bottom of the panels, just click on the Create new action button

You can name your action (ex: resize-1000×1000) and in the set dropdown, you can select Default Actions

Once you click on the Record button, the action will start recording your process.

Simply go to Image > Image Size (in the upper menu bar of Photoshop) and set the width and height that you want for all your photos

Once that is done, click on OK.

Then save your image (overwriting the pre-existing file) and close it. You can now click the Stop button in the Actions panel to cease the recording.

You’ve just created your Action that you will then automatically apply to all the images in the folder !

STEP 3 : Batch resize images using your created Action

In the upper menu bar of Photoshop, go to File > Automate > Batch

In the Set dropdown, select Default Actions. In the Action dropdown, select your created action.

In the Source dropdown, you can select your “white” folder by clicking on the “Choose” button.

Then, when you’ve selected the right Action and the right folder, you can click on OK

You’ll see that Photoshop will start opening all the images in the folder one by one and will automatically resize them to the wanted height/width. Photoshop will also save and close each image when the process is done.

When all are treated, you can go back into your folder and enjoy your resized images !

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