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Hello Samuel !

Thanks for coming here to read the rest. I’ll try to be very short to save your time…

Who am I?

David Gregoire, french-canadian from Montreal. I bought your book Sept 2nd, 2015 and have been subscribed to your newsletter since April, 2014. If you don’t believe me, look for on Gumroad 😛

I founded Snapshop.CAM after having a product photography service where I invented a way to shoot 1000 products in a single day.
Now, with this iPhone & Android app, stores all over the world can shoot 1000 products in a single day without having to spend time, spend high money on a pro-photographer, and without doing the Photoshop-dirty-job.

What I do to Recruit New Users with a Tripod?

I offer free tripods to new users. When they have a brick-and-mortar store, I find nearby retailers and send them a free tripod gift-wrapped from Amazon, with a card saying:

“Hello neighbor!
Here’s a little something to help you shoot and import your products on your website with one click. Your neighbor, STORENAME on STREENAME do it using Enjoy! David@SnapShop.CAM”

What I Want From you

Nothing special. Of course if you want to do a teardown of my onboarding, or give me 1-2 advices, or talk about my app on your Facebook it’d be appreciated. But honestly, just the fact that I can tell my team I sent you this, I’m satisfied 🙂

If you want to connect with me:

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