Why SnapShop will save you time and money?

So you have a business and website that goes along with it… Logically, you want to offer all your products online to reach a maximum number of people and increase your sales… You want your clients to know what you have in stock the moment it becomes available in store.

Or again, like a lot of people nowadays, you don’t have a physical store and you offer your products solely on the web. In this instance, putting your products on your website as fast as possible is a necessity.

BUT… the thing is… you NEED to have quality pictures of all those products for your website and you need a certain “homogeneity” between your photos. If you use several different people to take care of the photo process, you won’t have a unified look on your website and it risks not to look very professional. This could surely discourage potential clients from buying your products.

You could try to standardize the photos yourself, but after 30 minutes of working with Photoshop, you will probably want to throw your computer through the window (we’ve all been there). As this part is so time consuming and not the most interesting you probably don’t have time to dedicate to it, after all, you have a company to run and products to sell.


You could also hire a professional photographer or studio to take care of your photo sessions. You’ll surely get a nice result but there’s many problems with this option :

1-The price: Many photographers charge up to 200 USD per hour. You’ll need to sell LOTS just to be able to pay your photo sessions !

2-It may be difficult to find a photography studio that specializes in product photography. Even a photo expert could produce subpar results if he’s not used to your products the way you are. Also, the time you’ll spend explaining to him or her the way you want your products to be shot could be reinvested in something else.

3- It is unlikely that the photo studio will have the necessary equipment allowing you to monitor their progress and letting you review image quality as they work on the project… You’ll only get the finished products a few days later and you will be satisfied… or not. But you’ll still have to pay, of course !

4- If, for example, you have thousands of very similar products, when you receive your retouched photos from the studio, they probably won’t even by identified by product ID (or UPC). That could take you HOURS to sort out !

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON : Finding a photographer to shoot your products is not only costly… it also takes a lot of time. You need to work with the availability of the studio and photographer. You need to amass a certain quantity of product to set up the shoot (most photographers require a min of products for a day’s work). You’ll also have to wait sometimes more than a week before you see the finished result. Then, IF the photos don’t need further retouching, you’ll probably have to rename all your files.

We’re not just talking about a process that takes a few days but WEEKS… During that time, your products are sitting there, not selling and getting lonely in their respectives boxes.


That’s why you should give SnapShop a try !

We realized that with the correct equipment and a modern cell phone (whether it’s IPhone or Android), everyone can produce high quality photos of products. That’s why we developed this revolutionary tool to help you with your photoshoots.

SnapShop is a mobile app that was launched by the Mister eCommerce team in April 2017 and that allows YOU to take quality photos of your products with minimal equipment. You don’t need to wait all that time to get results ! As soon as you have a new product to add to your website, you take the photos right away using SnapShop and, within 2 business days, you receive your retouched and standardized photos. The products are clipped on a white background and reframed accordingly with the standards of eCommerce : square resolution, product centered with 10% white margins around it. ALSO, they are renamed accordingly with the UPC of the product, if photographed.

Wanna know how it works ? Here we go !




First, you’ll need to download the app, which you can do right here (on the Apple store) or here (on Google Play). Don’t worry, the app itself is free !

Then, before using the app, you’ll need a few things…

What you need for a photoshoot is quite simple : a white background, a decent source of lighting (It can be a table/desk lamp with a CFL lightbulb ; the ones that are twisted, cool white or cool blue preferably) and a small flexible tripod.

Then you’re good to go !

You can pretty much find all that in photography or hardware in a store near you but if required, we also sell the equipment : http://snapshop.cam/store/

Time to open SnapShop on your mobile device !

On the “menu” page, you’ll need to enter your e-mail address. We will use this address to contact you and deliver your treated photo(s) and invoice(s).

You’ll also find a link that brings you to our webpage where you’ll find video instructions on how to use SnapShop (if required).

You can also send special requests if your photos need further editing.

Now that you are familiarized with the menu, you can click on the purple button named “Start New Product”. Your phone will switch to photo-mode.

For each product, you start by shooting your product code (barcodes/SKU) with the phone app. If you don’t have a product code, it’s fine. You then shoot as many photos of your product as you need. When you are done shooting this product, you can review your pictures (swipe right) and then upload to our server by tapping “Send Pictures to Editing”.

You then redo the same procedure for the second product, then the third and so on…




You receive a confirmation e-mail in the next 30 minutes.

Our team receive your photos. They edit and optimize them for your eCommerce website and match them to your product codes.

Less than 2 business days later, you receive your retouched photos by email (via a download link), as well as an invoice (via Freshbooks, our accounting software).

Side note : you can pay your invoice (up to 40 USD) by referral ! Our service is not only cheap, it can be free in some instances !

If needed, our team can also send you a customizable one-click importation CSV file by email. It already contains your edited photos linked to their product codes. You can add your products’ names and description into the file before importing. Doing so will automatically rename your picture’s file to your product’s name (SEO optimized). Importing the file on your website will match all information into separate products.

After integrating your products and looking at all the perfectly aligned photos on your website, you can take a moment to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself ! After all, you’ve saved hundreds of dollars, a lot of hassle and a lot of time.

Time to sell !

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