Traffic, But No Sales. What to Do ?

Hi there, my name is David Gregoire, founder of SnapShop.Camera, today I’m answering a user’s question.

The question:

Phillip asks, “I have a lot of traffic “going to my site, through Facebook ads, “and I’m doing everything for conversion. “I have countdown timers. “I have a lot of things, but nobody converts”.

Phillip, when you do a website, and you know, an eCommerce website, you need three steps.

Step #1: Make a good website.

Step #2: Put your products online.

Step #3: Do marketing.

But before doing marketing to drive traffic to your website, you have to make sure to have a way to monetize everyone going to your site.

You pay for each person on your site, why not make the best of it?

A lot of them will not convert, but if at least you can get their email address or something, then you will have a chance in the future to convert them.


The basics for converting more traffic

I don’t know if you have a pop-up on your website right now. I don’t know if you have a proactive chat, but these are basic things you need to do before doing marketing and driving traffic to your website.

And when you say that you’re driving traffic to your website with Facebook ads, is it like only 10 people per day or is it 100 or is it 1,000 persons per day visiting your website?

You can expect to have at the beginning between 0.5% to a 3% conversion rate.

So, if you only have 10 people visiting your website a day, then obviously it’s not enough for them to convert.
If you have 100 people per day visiting your website, you can hopefully think that one of them is gonna make a purchase or not.
If you have 1,000 people going to your website per day, then chances are you’ll have somewhere between 5 and 15 or 20 conversions on your website. But I really doubt that right now you have 1,000 people per day visiting your website.

You have to make sure to get email addresses and to start a conversation with each person visiting your website. Try to send them emails, nurture them, educate them, make them love you or your brand.

The ultimate goal is to create fanatics.

Send them a drip; if you don’t know what a drip is, click here. You’ll see different ways to send a lot of emails to the same person, trying to convince them to make a purchase on your site.

Don’t give up at this stage because it’s too early. Try different things, but always make sure you try to convert everyone on your website.


Thank you very much! So, it was David Gregoire,  founder of SnapShop.

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One Response to Traffic, But No Sales. What to Do ?

  1. I don’t know what it is, maybe my conversion rates are much lower than expected, but in the past 7 days I’ve driven ~50 users to my site via Google Adwords.

    There have been 0 sales, but worse than that – there have been 0 additions to cart. I can’t understand why nobody has even decided to click the add to cart button (even as a goof).

    Can someone give me an overview on my website and let me know what the current problem may be?

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