How to use Snapshop’s camera app

How to use SnapShop?

Step 1: Shooting Preparation

While you don’t need a tripod to use SnapShop’s camera app, we recommend using one to stabilize your phone. Instead of holding your phone, use your headphones to control the camera.
Get better results, by using basic table top lights or a universal ring light for smartphones.
To get better results, install a white, black, blue or green background.

Step 2: Shooting your products and barcodes

  1. Open Snapshop on your phone and tap the "Add a product" button.
  2. If your product has a product code (barcode/SKU), shoot it first.
  3. Frame your product to fit your screen. Do not crop it. If you can’t see parts of it, step back. If it is too small, move closer.
  4. Press the purple shutter button to shoot.
  5. To shoot another photo, tap the back arrow to go back to the camera screen.
  6. Tap “Send photos to Editing” button on review screen when you are done shooting.

Step 3: Receive your edited photos within 24 hours

  1. Our team receives your photos after you tapped “Send Pictures to Editing”. We then edit and optimize them for your online store.
  2. You will receive your edited product photos by email within 24 hours.

Step 4: Importing to your website

Our team will send you a customizable one-click importation CSV file (a spreadsheet where informations are separated by commas) by email.

Your products are secured by custom design security with advanced recognition technology, it doesn’t matter how many pictures or products you have: you will only upload one file into your selling platforms to create all your products.

Our sheet is an online Google docs that is accessible from any computer. No matter how tech-savvy you are, it is quite easy to use.

All you need to do to import is:

  1. Copy and paste your products’ title and description into the file (on the ‘Data’ sheet). Doing so will automatically rename your picture’s file to your product’s name (SEO optimized).
  2. Export the ‘Importation’ sheet as a CSV file (Select the ‘Importation’ tab at the bottom, then click ‘Files’ menu at the top-right, then the ‘Download as’ sub-menu, and finally select ‘CSV’.
  3. Import the CSV file into your selling platform.

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