Anyone Can Use Snapshop To Shoot Their Products Photos

It's easy.

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You need products photos?

Whether you are new to eCommerce or already have a successful online store (on Shopify, Lightspeed, Magento or any other platform), Snapshop is the best solution to get professional-looking products photos fast and cheap.
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You don't need to be a pro to photograph products like one

With Snapshop, you don’t even need a DSLR camera! Shoot all your products with your mobile phone. Get professional results. Save a lot of time and money!

You may have new products that you need online ASAP. You may need to fill your new store with hundreds of products. You may already have photos from your suppliers, but need a few more to show the sides, back or any other angles. Save time and money using Snapshop. It was made for you.

Automatic Process, With Full Control

Snapshop’s process is automatic. Shoot as many angles and photos you want for every single product. Our team will receive and edit them automatically. All products photos will be linked together for each product.

You will not have to manipulate a single photo file. After we are done, import everything on your website with one-click.

You shoot. We edit. It imports.

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Shoot Your Products On Any Background

Get professional looking products photos when shooting on any background. You don’t need to buy and set up an expensive photo studio to get professional results.

Your products photos will have their background removed (deep-etched white background) by us. This means you don’t have to think about it while shooting (or after).

Snapshop is the only mobile app that can help you fill your store with any products in less than 24 hours

Get White Margins, Not Lighting Shadows

You won’t have any lighting shadows on your products photos since they will be removed with the edited background.

While using basic lighting can give you better results (you can use a basic table top lights or a universal ring light for smartphone), your pictures will look professional as long as the room is properly lit.

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Align All Your Products, Every Single Time

Line up multiple products in the same place, at the same angle by shooting your products photos with Snapshop. No need for markings or approximations anymore: all your products will be aligned the same.

Your online store will look neat and professional with perfect product alignment. Look for the “Ghost overlay” mask in Snapshop (Grid [#] Menu).

Get consistent products photos using Snapshop